Saturday, November 19, 2011

summer to rainy season

Good evening, rainy season. It's been a while. So here I am sitting in my room by my window pane, decided to take a little rest from, emm, stuffs from college :/

The truth is, many things have passed since the last time I wrote here. Many things happened, and here goes some of the highlights.

First chapter, I've been away from my home on July to August, gone for a very wonderful journey to a place I had never been before. Doing my internship for two months there, I've got sooooo many things to be learned, understood, and remembered during summer. Those all beyond beautiful. I've met people, many people, that changed the way I see the world. The people I've met before, virtually, and the people who just bumped into me at occasions, and ended up being such descent friends. Like, truly descent friends :')

I can't stop wondering until today, how a perfect strangers like them would do such a very warm and generous things, when we don't even speak the same language. They're just good people, doing good things to other, and it cannot be any sweeter than that :)

Another thing, I've started my seventh semester by this September. It's been quite, err, tricky. I should have been very busy doing all the assignments-thingy this semester, but then I found myself getting busy doing other stuffs that turns out to be more interesting. Well, I do need to enjoy my last year in college, right? Hahaha, such an excuse, I know :D

Aaaaanyway, in another story, another thing happened too. Feeling grows (aha! :">), and problems occurred. Well, not quite a big issue, actually, but still.. :s In essence, it takes time for me to accept some circumstances that is new. Things that didn't suit me before, but on the other hand is the way other people live with. It might be different, but might not be wrong. So, from there, I've learned :)

And from a very close friend of mine (yea brimmy, that's you), I also learned the way to communicate, to share my feelings, more that just to keep it for myself, as I always be. Well, I'm still trying though, but at least I've got one work done. Yeah. \m/

End of the story, it's still raining outside the window and I can hear the raindrops popping (and suddenly I feel a little mellow). This should be the time to get back on my work. Another day, another story. See ya :D

my 'Ema' at Meiji Shrine :)


  1. hello, little lady. nice to see you back on the blogsphere! :) rainy days make us feel lazy, huh? they do for me :p

  2. they surely do, but well, how can we not love them still? :)